09:32 GMT05 August 2021
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    Niger Delta Violence, Venezuelan State of Emergency, Eurovision 2016

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    This week we begin by talking about the centennial anniversary of the infamous Sykes-Picot Agreement that divvied up the Mideast.

    The second topic that we address is the Kenyan riots that are taking place in Nairobi and how a failed Color Revolution leader is once more vying for his place under the sun.

    Next, we keep the focus on Africa and look at the recent uptick of violence in the Niger River Delta, and what it means for Africa’s most populous country and its largest economy. Following that, we move along to South America and the latest state of emergency decree that was just declared by President Maduro.

    Finally, our highlight of the week is the scandal surrounding Eurovision 2016, and how and why the results were already preordained against Russia.

    Venezuela, Kenya, South America, Africa, Nigeria, Europe, Nicolas Maduro, Eurovision, Sykes-Picot Agreement, song contest, riots, State of Emergency
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