17:53 GMT29 November 2020
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    Bangladesh Killings, Rousseff Impeachment, The Philippines’ Potential Pivot

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    This week we begin our countdown by talking about Facebook’s censorship practices and the way that it was manipulating the trending bar.

    Once we’re done with that, we take a look at what President Putin’s proposal for a non-aligned international security system to fight global terrorism and other asymmetrical threats could actually look like in practice and why it’s an important suggestion to consider. 

    Next up, we raise awareness about the spate of Islamist-linked killings that have rocked Bangladesh over the past half a year and how the South Asian state might end up on the frontlines of the War on Terror.

    Continuing along, we then shift over to South America in taking a look at why the Senate decided to proceed with Rousseff’s impeachment and what it means for Latin America’s largest democracy. Finally, the last topic that we discuss in our show this week is how President-elect Rodrigo Duterte in the Philippines has the potential to pivot his island nation away from the US and closer to China.

    impeachment, terror, Islamist militants, democracy, security, Rodrigo Duterte, Dilma Rousseff, Vladimir Putin, Bangladesh, Brazil
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