20:12 GMT +321 May 2018
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    Saudis and 9/11, Israel and Occupied Golan, Macedonia and Regime Change

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    Andrew Korybko

    This week’s episode starts off by explaining why the US is now sending over 200 more boots on the ground to Iraq. It then transitions to talk about the Polish Foreign Minister’s wacky pronouncement that Russia is more of an “existential threat” to his country than Daesh and the Immigrant Crisis are.

    Following that, we investigate how the Saudis are threatening the US with de-facto economic blackmail if Americans are allowed to sue the Kingdom for 9/11. Afterwards, we take a look at Netanyahu’s defiant statement that Israel will never return the occupied Golan Heights to Syria. Finally, we top everything off with an analysis of the US’ second regime change operation against the Republic of Macedonia in under a year.


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    terrorism, 9/11, Golan Heights, Poland, Syria, Iraq, United States, Macedonia, Saudi Arabia
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