06:29 GMT23 October 2020
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    Calais Clashes, US-India Military Logistics Deal, Super Tuesday

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    We begin this week by analyzing the significance of the recent Iranian elections, and what they say about the state of the mood in the country and where Tehran’s foreign policy might be headed in the coming future.

    Following that, we look at the timing and viability of Sergei Lavrov’s proposal to amend the Chemical Weapons Convention with the purpose of making it more difficult for terrorists to acquire and use these types of agents. Continuing along, we then talk about the clashes in Calais and how this violent incident foretells what might be in store for other parts of Europe soon. The second-last topic on our agenda is the Logistics Support Agreement that the US and Indian militaries are moving closer to sealing, which would allow the Pentagon access to its partner’s corresponding facilities. Finally, we end our episode with some observations about Super Tuesday and what their results mean for the rest of the Presidential Race.

    migrant crisis, War on Terror, chemical weapons, elections, Super Tuesday, 2016 US Presidential Run, Pentagon, Sergei Lavrov, Calais, India, Iran, Europe, United States
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