21:27 GMT26 July 2021
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    UK Sub Slip-Up, “Democratic Peace” Fallacy, and the Fake Russian Operation

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    We start off this weeks’ show by discussing the uproar over New Zealand’s decision to ban its first book in 22 years, and then move along to pointing out how both sides of the GMO debate are using scientists for hire in their campaigns.

    After that, we talk about how the UK embarrassingly admitted that its own sub, not Russia’s, nearly sunk one of its trawlers last April, and how the so-called “Democratic Peace Theory” is actually pretty bogus. Bringing everything to a close, we comment on the Western mainstream media hoax about a Russian combat intervention against ISIL in Syria, and what it tells us about the latest round of information warfare in the New Cold War.

    Daesh, democratic peace theory, GMO, Syria, United Kingdom, New Zealand
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