19:35 GMT07 August 2020
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    Bernie’s Booting, Trump's "Bloodgate" and Hillary's Email Server Scandal

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    We begin this week’s episode by discussing Coca-Cola’s shady practice of commissioning a health study on the link between diet and obesity, and then redirect our conversation to the US’ plan to spend half a million dollars fighting so-called ‘Russian propaganda’ in the Baltics...

    After that, we look at why Bernie Sanders was booted from a campaign event by Black Lives Matter protesters, and then comment upon Donald Trump’s “Bloodgate” controversy with Megyn Kelly. Concluding our broadcast, we talk about why Hillary Clinton decided to give the government the thumb drive and private server at the center of her email scandal, and what it all means for her candidacy.

    obesity, diet, email scandal, blacklivesmatter, Coca-Cola, Hillary Clinton, Megyn Kelly, Donald Trump, Bernie Sanders, Baltic Region
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