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    What Ever Happened to the NSA Wiretapping Trump Story?

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    Bad behavior, lack of civility and more.

    The teenager woke up late — again. Slowly making his way downstairs, he remembered that he had baseball practice later that day and the thought of the coach ragging on him again for any number of little things and that made him angry. “Who cares if I show up late? All that matters is if I hit a homerun or catch that pop fly”, he thought.  Of course, the coach had other ideas. Strict rules were what kept the team together and going in the same direction and with any luck, another trophy in the case. Of course, the rules weren’t really strict at all, they just seemed so to those that had never had any rules, for instance- no facial hair. Why no facial hair? Well, it doesn’t really matter, because if the coach says so, that is the way it goes. Or at least that is the way it went. The teenager in our story launched a campaign to get his buddies to complain to their parents, which turn, complained to the Principal and the school’s Athletic Director. And what came next? Well, the coach, who had been there for 42 years and had won a few state championships was “let go”. That’s right. Because, as the Principal said — “He was unable to effectively communicate with millennials”. But the funniest part of all of this? According to the statement made by Principal — “…he was not fired. He completed the entire season and…. a decision was made not to rehire him for the next year.” Get that? He wasn’t fired, they just didn’t renew his contract, which according to almost the entire internet, is basically the same thing. What is the definition of is?

    This week was a blur with Trump making moves on repealing Obamacare, as he put it, to US commandos training to take out the North Korean leadership or the nuclear sites, depending upon who is telling the story and even a rare rebuke from China regarding North Korea. In fact, the week was awash with international news, with Brexit, French elections and more. However, what wasn’t really covered was what is happening inside the United States, and no, we aren’t talking about the FBI agent that went to Syria to marry the target of her investigation into Daesh.

    AntiFa is a word and a group of people that is slowly gaining more mainstream recognition. So much so, that in fact, that as KATU reported — “The annual 82nd Avenue of the Roses parade …. was called off amid threats of a clash between protesters (AntiFa) and marchers with the Republican Party.” That’s right. Because one group disagreed with another group, the entire parade was called-off. Crazy, right? But, how did it go down?

    Again, the article noted that — “The threatening email surfaced over the weekend, and singled out members of the Multnomah County Republican Party (MCRP) who were planning to take part in the parade. The email, sent from "thegiver@riseup.net," said they planned to have “two hundred or more people rush into the parade into the middle and drag and push them out.” That’s right. AntiFa is a militant group, or at least becoming more of one. And who are they?

    The group describes themselves on their Facebook page as – “Antifascist Action focuses on promotional, informative and practical ways of struggle against all authoritarian ideologies and groups promoting any kind of oppression, particularly against Neo-Nazism and right wing radicals.” In fact, an article at AOL noted that — “The group defended its sometimes violent tactics as an appropriate retaliation to President Trump's "unprecedented levels of surveillance, incarceration, deportations, and police brutality and murders against the US Public." Wait, you might be asking yourself, unprecedented levels of surveillance? Wouldn’t that be under Obama, or even under George W Bush and the so-called “Patriot Act”? But it isn’t just the so-called “alt-left” that is rising, as much as it is about civility among the citizenry that is disappearing.

    Another major story this week came about when Big League Politics broke a story that noted, — “a political journalist, was given a seemingly genuine screen shot of an online conversation purportedly between employees of the Los Angeles office of BuzzFeed. In that conversation (which has not yet been independently verified), conducted over workplace messaging service Slack, BuzzFeed Video social media editor Maycie Thornton jokes about the possibility of then-candidate Trump being assassinated, should he win the election.” That’s right. Just think about that for a moment. A person joking about killing someone else for their beliefs and a presidential candidate at that. And what where the responses from her peers? Seemingly, they were all onboard with it.

    And what was the company’s response?  Newsweek notes that — “… a BuzzFeed spokesman said while the remark in question is regrettable, it was made in private by someone who is not a reporter nor even an employee of BuzzFeed News. Attempting to turn a throwaway comment from an entertainment employee into evidence of bias at an affiliated news division is ludicrous." That’s right. The John Stewart Defense. And what of his protégé — Stephen Colbert? Well, he too was in the news for an obscene homophobic rant against Trump. It seems as if poop really does roll downhill.

    And what set Colbert off? It was interview that a fellow CBS co-worker had had with President Trump. In fact, Wapo reported that — “(Colbert) then turned to how Trump abruptly ended the interview with Dickerson, after the “Face the Nation” host asked him if he stands by his claims that President Barack Obama had wiretapped him.” At that point, Trump cut off the interview and walked away.

    And what about the wiretapping? The story that just seemed to disappear once Trump launched a few missiles? Well, as Circa reported-“The Obama administration distributed thousands of intelligence reports with the unredacted names of US residents during the 2016 election.” That’s right. This scandal has yet to die down as the true scope of how the NSA spied on Americans still has yet to emerge.

    So, what do you think dear listeners — “What ever happened to the NSA wiretapping Trump story?”

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