07:16 GMT08 March 2021
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    Are Today's Spy Tools Tomorrow's Privacy Invaders?

    Connecting The Pieces
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    The newest toy for children from Mattel is called Hello Barbie and it can converse with your child and record the answers in real time via wifi. It saves that information in the cloud.

    Other headlines note how the Hertz car rental company has installed cameras in 1 out 8 cars that face toward passengers and how the CIA has helped the DOJ create a domestic spying program.

    The newest toy for children from Mattel is called Hello Barbie and it can converse with your child and record the answers in real time via wifi. It saves that information in the cloud. This toy really is a sign of the times.

    In the not so distant past, the home would have been considered sacred, and inviting a direct link to the government that would record everything that someone says  would have been thought of as profane if not outright Orwellian.

    But now we are encouraging children to do that very thing and it is being used as a business model to generate profit. Just like Edward Snowden said, the children of today will never know what privacy means.

    Other stories in recent headlines note how the Hertz car rental company has  installed cameras that record passengers and how the CIA is working together with the DOJ and has installed "dirtboxes" on small fixed wing aircraft that fly over America. 

    When the device finds the target phone, the plane circles overhead until the device can locate it to within about 10 feet.

    Putting this into perspective, some law-enforcement officials are concerned the aerial surveillance of cellphone signals blurs the line between traditional police work and the tactics and technology of overseas spy work. And that really is the key. The technologies that were once used overseas in a hunter killer situation to find terrorists are now being turned against the American people themselves.

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