13:59 GMT11 August 2020
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    Vigilantes, Fed Officers Ramp Up Violence as Rebellion Stays in the Streets

    By Any Means Necessary
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    A protester shot dead in Austin, TX; Politics of Black Self Defense; UK's Russia report a Dud.

    Today on By Any Means Necessary Jacquie and Sean are joined by Brianna Griffith, producer/host of People's Republic, to discuss a person who drove into an Austin, Texas, protests, drew a gun and fired into the crowd, killing protester Garrett Foster, how right-wingers continue to threaten violence against protests and how the movement in the streets continues to grow despite attempts to crush it.

    In the second segment, Sean and Jacquie are joined by Dr. Akinyele Omowale Umoja, author of "We Will Shoot Back: Armed Resistance In The Mississippi Freedom Movement" to discuss armed self-defense in the ongoing struggle for Black liberation, the impact of recent mobilizations by Black militias in that context, and the need for community organizing and connection among oppressed people as an important aspect of self-defense in addition to taking up arms.

    Sean and Jacquie are joined in the third segment by Afshin Rattansi, British journalist and host of RT's "Going Underground," to discuss the release of the much-anticipated UK's Russia Report, the flimsy evidence around alleged Russian interference in UK politics, and the worrisome prospect of British intelligence gaining greater influence in public life.

    Later in the show, Jacquie and Sean are joined by Chuck Modiano, justice journalist and Sports writer for Deadspin to discuss the role of journalism in protests and what appears to be a media blackout in much of the country, the hypocrisy of government officials who vote for massive war budgets while braying about “peaceful protesters” and the importance of street journalist showing the depth of brutality used against demonstrators.

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