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    By Any Means Necessary

    When There Is Smoke but No Fire; DNC Debate Line Ups Set

    By Any Means Necessary
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    Disabled workers paid sub-minimum wages; Shinzo Abe completes visit to Iran; Shocking number of innocent people in jail

    On this episode of "By Any Means Necessary" hosts Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon are joined by Alison Barkoff, Director of Advocacy at the Center for Public Representation to discuss section 14c of the Fair Labor and Standards Act, a provision that allows companies to pay people with disabilities below the minimum wage. Barkoff explains how such provisions are steep in stigma, lead to discrimination against workers with disabilities and how resources should be redirected toward labor equity.

    In the second segment, Eugene and Sean are joined by John Feffer, author and Director of Foreign Policy in Focus at the Institute for Policy Studies to talk about the attacks on two oil tankers in the Gulf of Oman, Japanese Prime Minister Shinzo Abe's visit to Iran, the internal disagreements among the Trump administration on Iran, and the latest in the US-Mexico trade debate.

    In a special third segment of "By Any Means Necessary" Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon are joined by Professor Barbara O'Brien, professor at the Michigan State University College of Law and the Editor of the National Registry of Exonerations to talk about the shockingly high number of innocent people in prison, why innocent people are sent to jail, efforts to compensate those who are exonerated after spending time in jail, and what you need to know before serving on a jury.

    Later in the show, Eugene and Sean are joined by Mondale Robinson of the Free Born Blacks PAC to talk about who will be participating in the first DNC debate in Miami, Pete Buttigieg drinking 40s, the Toronto Raptors winning their first NBA championship, the likelihood of Senator Susan Collins getting re-elected, whether or not Sarah Sanders will run for office in Arkansas, and a mock-up of the new Harriot Tubman twenty dollar bill.

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