23:19 GMT10 April 2021
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    PRESIDENTIAL ALERT! Trump's Money Inherited Through Fraud

    By Any Means Necessary
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    Efforts to end mass incarceration in Calfornia; Palestinian Resistance Efforts; Trump tests Presidential alert system.

    In the first segment of "By Any Means Necessary" Eugene Puryear and Sean Blackmon are joined by Ivette Alé, Statewide Co-Coordinator of Californians United for a Responsible Budget (CURB) to talk about the passing of California Senate Bill 1393, the Fair and Just Sentencing Reform Act, failed efforts to end mass incarceration in the state, and the alarming plan for a new jail in Los Angeles.

    In the second segment we are joined by Theresa Smith, Founder of LEAN and Amber-Rose Howard, Statewide Coordinator, Californians United for a Responsible Budget to talk about the efforts to hold police accountable in the state of California, efforts to gain justice for those victimized by police brutality, the staggering rate that police kill civilians, and the battle to control the narrative around crime and police violence in America.

    In the third segment Samer Makhlouf, an activist in Palestine joins "By Any Means Necessary" to talk about a new report documenting Israeli occupation forces having killed 26 Palestinians, wounded 2,300 others and arrested 450 in September 2018, the relationship between the Israeli Defense Forces and right-wing nationalist social movements, and grassroots resistance efforts within Palestine and across the globe.

    In the last hour "By Any Means Necessary" is joined by Sam Menefee-Libey, Community Organizer and Independent Researcher to talk about the ongoing case in the Dallas police killing of Botham Jean, organizing international solidarity movements, Turkey's economic and political uncertainty and a New York Times documenting how Donald Trump inherited his family's wealth.

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