05:11 GMT26 February 2021
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    Black Votes Matter; Farm Workers Sue Over Unfair Wages and Conditions

    By Any Means Necessary
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    Gillum vs DeSantis offer insight into 2018 midterms; FLOC sues US Dept. of Labor; US costs of war post 9/11; Can O'Rourke win in Texas.

    In the first segment of "By Any Means Necessary" we're joined by Anoa Changa, lawyer and host of "The Way with Anoa" to talk about the efforts to get out the vote among black voters throughout the American South, the Democratic Party's lack of investment in rural and minority parties, the questionable accuracy of political polls, what the primaries taught each party about how to approach November's midterm elections, and what to expect from Florida's gubernatorial race between Democrat Andrew Gillum and Republican Ron DeSantis.

    In the third segment of "By Any Means Necessary" Justin Flores, Vice President, Farm Labor Organizing Committee (FLOC), AFL-CIO joins Eugene and Sean to talk about a lawsuit filed against the U.S. Department of Labor for allowing growers to pay agricultural workers below minimum wage, the dangerous heat conditions workers are forced to work in, organizing efforts to improve working conditions for farmworkers, the boycott campaign against e-cigarette makers and distributors, and efforts to organize an international worker movement.

    In the last hour "By Any Means Necessary" is joined by R.L. Stephens of the Democratic Socialist of America to talk about John McCain's funeral, a new report on the cost of war by the US post-9/11, the Ted Cruz vs Beto O'Rourke Senate race in Texas, the resurgence of white and reactionary nationalism in the US, and the realities of a revolutionary perspective of modern politics.

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