16:22 GMT26 October 2020
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    War With North Korea? Marine Photo Scandal and Yahoo! Email Leaks

    By Any Means Necessary
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    Tillerson considers war with North Korea, efforts to shut down Marine photo scandal and the importance of the Yahoo! email arrests.

    On this episode of "By Any Means Necessary" host Eugene Puryear is joined by Erin Kirk-Cuomo, Co-Founder of Not In My Marine Corps to talk about a series of secretly posted photos of female service members online without their consent and the efforts to change the rape culture of the US Marine Corps.

    Later in the show host Eugene Puryear is joined by Medea Benjamin, Co-Founder, Code Pink, to talk about Secretary of State Rex Tillerson's aggressive language towards North Korea, the worldwide famine cause by war, and the increasing involvement of the US military in Middle East affairs.

    In a special third part Eugene Puryear is joined by Jeffrey Carr, Founder of Suits and Spooks; Author of “Inside Cyber Warfare, to talk about the value of the Wikileak 'Vault 7' leaks, the arrests made in the Yahoo Email Hacks, and the current efficacy of US cyber security programs.

    Today's talking points touch on efforts by Donald Trump to stop funding to Meals on Wheels programs, new regulations measuring lead in water, and a Fox News Poll shows Bernie Sanders may have won the 2016 Presidential Election.

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