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    Hoarding, the Blight of the XXI Century

    Brave New World
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    John Harrison
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    Hoarding is a real issue for a large number of people. What causes hoarding, and how can the problem be solved? Listen to Dr. Gergory Jantz, a renowned mental health expert, to find out more.

    People with "hoarding disorder" secretly collect possessions which other people regard as being unnecessary. Their habit usually leads them to social isolation, and depression. This is not a new problem, but we tend to ignore these people and alienate them.

    There are far more such people than perhaps we realize, with between 2% and 4% of Americans now suffering from hoarding disorder. Help is available. Society could do more to help these people, however, the problem is complex as many of these people lead highly secretive lives, and simply do not want to be helped. This problem is not unique to the 21st century, however, our fragmented societies tend to acerbate the problems.

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