14:28 GMT13 July 2020
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    The Vital Importance of (Military) 'Signalling' Between the West and Russia

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    Special communications channels exist between countries and are used by top level politicians and military commanders frequently. Their use becomes absolutely vital when countries are at loggerheads with each other; at a time like now.

    Matthew Gordon-Banks, a former UK member of parliament, a Think Tank Director and Senior Research Fellow at the Ministry of Defence participates in this program. Here are a few of the topics discussed.

    The crucial importance of such communications channels is described. "Communication [between the East and the West] is vital. I am not saying they are in shreds, but in the last few days some really dangerous things have been happening," Matthew Gordon-Banks says. In this context, Matthew also discusses the impact of the cancellation of British foreign minister Boris Johnson's trip to Russia in terms of the kind of signals that has produced in Moscow.

    Matthew Gordon-Banks makes the point that however serious the international situation is, there are always methods of communications which can be used. The important thing is whether such channels are used. By choosing not to do so, a previous ally can quite easily be turned into an aggressor, thus the decision to use or not use a communication channel can be used as a kind of weapon. When there is no communication, it seems, a new arms race between the East and the West could well become more likely, and needless to say, the same rules apply to both sides.

    It goes without saying that even if top level communication is occurring, whether or not the general public gets to hear about it will depend on information getting out to the general public, and how that information is presented.

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