23:08 GMT +320 September 2019
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    Brave New World

    Does Everybody Agree with Climate Change?

    Brave New World
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    We are all familiar with the arguments behind the now main-stream point of view that climate change is man induced. But what are those who don’t agree with this logic actually saying? Has anybody bothered to listen to them?

    In this programme, Timothy Ball, Environmental Consultant and Former Geography Professor, University of Winnipeg, and Tom Harris, the Executive Director of the International Climate Science Coalition (ICSC) present a (now) semi controversial point of view that climate change is only partly anthropogenic. Starting the discussion with what they claim is misinformation being disseminated about the latest El Nino, they suggest that there is a huge cover up going on, that researchers fail to take into account natural causes such as sun spots in calculations.

    Timothy and Tom produce many interesting examples to give weight to their arguments that climate change advocates are ignoring certain crucial evidence. For example, the 0.8 degree Celsius increase increase in global temperatures has been presented as a fact despite the truth that there is a far larger degree of reporting error than is acceptable.

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