03:20 GMT +314 December 2018
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    WARNING – Imminent Collapse of Global Financial System

    Brave New World
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    John Harrison

    It would be nice to think that what is happening in Greece is a localized problem and that we can live safe and sound in the knowledge that our financial structures will protect us from anything like that happening to us. According to Benjamin J. Butler, the founder of Apotheosis Consulting in Hong Kong, such presumptions can no longer be made.

    Benjamin J. Butler predicts the first stage of a new global collapse this month, and the next hit in September/October. The main reason for this is that banks have tried to repair the damage created by the last financial crisis by injecting funds into financial instruments rather than into curing the underlying problems. Shares themselves are not offering high yields and bubbles in prices mean that collapses in the near future are highly likely. Company managements meanwhile invest in themselves, through dividends and buy backs, which does nothing to cure underlying economic problems, which are exacerbated by massive global debt. Add to this the stress caused by the increasing gap between the rich and the poor, class and race problems, and you have a recipe for disaster which, according to Benjamin, the mainstream media are simply not picking up on. Basically, the central banks have got it wrong and we are all going to pay for their mistakes.

    On the positive side, advances in neuroscience and biotechnology have led to the emergence of a focus of the development of human potential. It will certainly be necessary to tap into Knowledge from unconventional sources to avoid experiencing the real pain that will come about as a result of a major collapse in which the banks will not be able to bail us out of this time. There is a strong chance that all of this will lead to a Bretton Woods II.

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