20:32 GMT +325 March 2017
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    Nick Blake

    North Dakota is rioting – WTI up 9%.

    Protesters in North Dakota seem to be an immovable object for the local minions of Energy Transfer Partners. A melting pot of ethnicities and nationalities ranging over 500 people congregated against the North Dakota Access pipeline project spanning four states and over a thousand miles. Their main concern is that the company in charge of the project did not obtain necessary permits. What do the cops on the scene do? They douse the protesters with water cannons. In North Dakota. In November. On a seemingly unrelated occurrence, the price of oil jumped. Steve Hughes, Katt Williams, and John Oliver deliver the funny, while Lucy Flores (former member of the Nevada State Assembly and a board member for Our Revolution group) shares her professional opinion.

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    • biffreznik
      cruel and unusual punishment...but the government has the biggest insurance policy ever, right, who cares about freezing to death? better than Branch Davidian!

      ...and the price of gas dropped 30+ cents in a week in PNW...but oil up? we have three refineries but our gas was more than Seattle a few years back///wonder about the psych manipulation of oil/price of gas \talk about politics?!
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