15:43 GMT +317 January 2019
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    Cold War Has Been Over for Two Decades

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    Nick Blake
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    But CIA clearly has other plans.

    Ex-Deputy Chief of the Central Intelligence Agency Michael Morell has recently came out of the war-mongering closet. In an interview with Charlie Rose on CBS Morell pointed out that the CIA should get actively involved in killing Russian soldiers serving in Syria under International Law. Imagine if a Russian intelligence big shot all of a sudden announced that the SVR [Foreign Intelligence Service of the Russian Federation] should start covertly eliminating a few American soldiers here and there all across the thousands of NATO/US bases spread around the world. The media would dub it the great cleanse and most likely serve as a pretext to break diplomatic ties or maybe simply impose new sanctions. Nobody really knows since US politicians are somewhat ficle in their decision making policies. Bill Hicks and Steve Hughes deliver the funny, while Ray McGovern (a retired CIA analyst, whistleblower and political activist) gives us his professional opinion.

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