09:44 GMT01 December 2020
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    Slave Labor in the US

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    Case in Point: Pilgrim’s Pride, Tyson, Purdue, & Sanderson Farms.

    How does wearing a diaper sound? Probably not thrillingly exciting. What if your job depended on it? According to Oxfam America, line workers at chicken processing plants across the US get two bathroom breaks a week. Forcing “some” employees to explore other alternatives to taking a dump. Like wearing a diaper or simply going right there on the job. With over 100,000 people working for the above mentioned companies, they cover at least 60% of the entire chicken market in the US. Meaning that chicken you're having for dinner today might have an exotic aftertaste, unless of course you are from Germany in which case – it's a Tuesday night out. George Carlin, John Oliver, and Chris Rock deliver the funny, while Minor Sinclair (Director of Oxfam America’s US program) gives us his professional opinion.

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