14:58 GMT +322 March 2019
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    Why is Saudi Arabia Bombing Yemen With US Munition Ok?

    As If
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    Nick Blake

    But shipping Kinder Surprise eggs into ‘Murica is illegal.

    Don’t get me wrong, chocolates are dangerous. Just look at obesity statistics in the US! But what the White House is doing in Yemen is judicially defined as being an accessory to mass murder. The situation is even more drastic since one cannot convict an accessory to a crime without convicting the principal first. And convicting the principal in this case doesn’t seem like such an improbable endeavor, since according to the IMF the House of Saud should be broke within the next five years. Get your popcorn ready, folks. In the meantime Bill Hicks, George Carlin and John Oliver deliver the funny, while Belkis Wille (Yemen and Kuwait researcher for Human Rights Watch) presents her professional opinion.

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