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    Juneteenth Officially Becomes an American Federal Holiday

    The Backstory
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    On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan and co-host John Kiriakou discussed current events, including Mayor Lightfoot has deemed racism a “public health crisis” in Chicago, and Colorado leads US states with new congressional districts.


    Mark Frost - Economist, Professor, Consultant, and Libertarian | Stagflation Possibilities, Mainstream Media on Inflation Being Temporary, and Less Economic Activity 

    Thom Nickels - Author, Journalist | Philadelphia Mayor Jim Kenney, Dirt Bikes, and Philadelphia Cancel Culture 

    In the first hour, Lee and John spoke with Mark Frost on the state of America’s economy, tulip mania, and financial derivatives. Mark talked about inflation in America and the expectations of inflation being temporary. Mark discussed the Blackrock investment company buying up real estate and the reason the company has bought real estate in this current economy.

    In the second hour, Lee and John spoke with Thom Nickels on the Philadelphia Mayor, statues removed in 2020, and Philadelphia city council forced to act. Thom spoke on his recent article covering Mayor Jim Kenney and his year-by-year approval decline. Thom talked about the crime in Philadelphia and the crimes happening from dirt bike and ATV riders.

    Also, we discuss news that Juneteenth is now a federal holiday.

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