19:53 GMT17 May 2021
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    The Empire is Crumbling

    The Backstory
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    On today’s episode of The Backstory, host Lee Stranahan and co-host John Kiriakou discussed current events, including Russia announcing response measures to new US Sanctions, and  Liberty University sues ex-president Jerry Falwell Jr. for concealing an affair. 


    Mario Balaban - Project Veritas Communication Team | James O’Keefe Suspended from Twitter, First Amendment Rights, and CNN Tapes

    Kim Iversen - Independent Journalist and Host of The Kim Iversen Show | Gavin Newsome Recall, Homeless Encampments, and People Deciding to Be Homeless in Certain Cities   

    In the first hour, Lee and John spoke with Mario Balaban on the lawsuit against Twitter, CNN caught on tape, and the media lies on the Russian bounty. Mario discussed the accusations against Project Veritas from Twitter and the double standard Twitter has against Conservatives. Mario talked about Twitter's decision to suspend James and how it coincides with these new CNN tapes. 

    In the second hour, Lee and John spoke with Kim Iversen on the homeless problem in California, the California Governor candidates, and YouTube labeling Kim’s content misinformation. Kim talked about the recall for Gavin Newsome and how Democrats and Republicans in California dislike Newsome. Kim discussed the growing homeless population and the incentives to be homeless in certain areas of the country.

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