14:00 GMT29 November 2020
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    Is Tomorrow the End or Just the Beginning?

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    On today’s episode, host Lee Stranahan discussed current events, including Vienna, Austria having a terrorist attack, 22 people killed in Afghanistan being claimed by Daesh, a judge in Texas throwing out a drive-in voting count, Trump & Biden doing their last campaign visits, and Friendly’s the restaurant chain being sold through bankruptcy.


    Carmine Sabia - Writer, Editor, Publisher | Marijuana Legalization, Election 2020, and the Media 

    Kim Iversen - Independent Journalist, Host of Kim Iversen Show | 2020 Election, Censorship, Healthcare, and “Hell Week”

    In the first hour, Lee spoke with Carmine Sabia about how the country’s stance on legalization of marijuana has changed over time. Carmine and host Lee talked about President Trump's indecision to change the federal classification of marijuana during his first term. Carmine talked about being terrified before election day due to media manipulation, as well as never seeing the media actively campaign for a candidate like they have for Joe Biden.

    In the second hour, Lee spoke with Kim Iversen on the 2020 election, Biden and Harris not representing progressives, and the media representing censorship in 2020. Kim talked about her expectations of a “Hell Week” as the mail-in votes for the 2020 election will take days to be counted. Kim also spoke on a future Biden and Harris administration being the administration of censorship based on the Hunter Biden laptop being suppressed. Lastly, Kim and host Lee discussed healthcare and possible middle grounds to solve the healthcare problem in America.

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