08:51 GMT25 October 2020
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    Supreme Court Confirmation Hearing Amongst Chaos

    The Backstory
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    On today’s episode of The Backstory host Lee Stranahan covers; Supreme court hearing confirmation of Judge Amy Coney Barrett, Senators asking Judge Amy extreme questions, Los Angeles Lakers won NBA championship, media ignored a Trump supporter shot in Denver.

    The Backstory’s first guest: First guest economist, former Wall Street analyst Michael Krieger discussed his reasoning for ending writing on his website, outlook on America's future post-2020 election and past 2024, and localism. Michael talks about his reasoning for leaving wall street and new York city, as well as the consciousness of American citizens needing to be raised and paying less attention to the media and focus on ourselves. Final guest Carmine Sabia came on to discuss the situation America is facing as the election comes closer. Host Lee and Carmine expand on the almost empty campaign rallies that Joe Biden is having. Carmine notes that the media can’t cover up the optics of a handful of people at these events versus President Trump crowds of thousands of people in attendance. Concluding with the statement of Judge Amy Coney Barrett made on the video of George Floyd's death to Senator Durbin. Both host Lee and Carmine are angered by the judge injecting her personal opinion on a case that has yet to be concluded while claiming to be conservative.

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