12:06 GMT08 March 2021
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    The EU Have Been Useless

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Ex-MEP David Coburn believes that the UK can become an economic powerhouse free from the shackles of the EU and he lets rip at the SNP and cancel culture in this episode.

    He starts off by stating “we need to be Singapore on Thames and we need to get back our Victorian trading experience and energy” if we want to recover from the pandemic.

    David is very angry about the EU vaccine and fishing rows declaring that, “We should have never signed up to the idea of a different customs agreement for Northern Ireland.  The EU is as slippery as an eel and our government has not pinned them down enough.”

    He also accuses the EU of inflicting, “Punishment beatings on the UK for daring to leave the EU, it is mafia like and they are trying to terrify other countries from trying to leave.”

    On Scotland and independence, he is forthright saying, “If Sturgeon wants independence she’s not going to get it in the EU as the EU will always be calling the shots.”

    He is scathing on the ‘woke’ and cancel culture saying that, “Woke creatures are authoritarians, there is nothing they do not have an opinion about and they’re convinced that they’re always correct.”

    He suggests that the Democrats in the USA are a prime example of this by pursuing Trump, “I don’t believe that Trump should have been impeached, it was a riot that got out of control, he may have been silly but he is not responsible.”

    On the lockdown restrictions he is pragmatic and says that, “they go against my libertarian principles but when you have a pandemic sometimes you have to be sensible and although it is against my instinct you just have to do it.”

    In conclusion, David believes that, “Boris has done a good job, he is doing his best in very difficult circumstances. We are vaccinating our people, we are being proactive but the EU have been absolutely useless.”

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