07:32 GMT07 March 2021
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    The EU Are Hypocrites

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Ex-MEP and business owner James Carver is the guest this week and he talks about the biggest crisis since the Second World War. He also lets rip at the double standards of the EU in this episode.

    James Carver starts off with a touching tribute and says that, "Captain Sir Tom Moore not only brought the nation together but also brought the forgotten war, in Burma, to the forefront of people's minds".

    Carver jokes that even though Boris is doing a good job, if Captain Tom were PM he would have much more than an eighty-seat majority!

    He believes that, "Boris has done a good job in such extraordinary times, who would have thought that within a year of becoming PM he would be facing such a crisis. People forget how poorly he was when he had COVID, I think it changed his attitude".

    As for the lockdown cynics and anti-vaxxers, he says it is largely the fault of social media, "Everyone becomes an expert on Twitter! However, we do live in a democracy and people have a right to express their opinion".

    He believes in the lockdown stating, "We had to swallow the medicine of the lockdown, if they hadn't done it people would have accused them of having blood on their hands but now we have to get the economy moving".

    On the EU vaccine row, he is very strong saying, it was an example of "The EU acting holier than thou again and we saw in a blink of an eye them rip up the agreement because it wasn't in their interest. It was completely hypocritical and I think it will be a turning point for Ireland and there will be a gradual rise in EU scepticism there".

    James is a man who understands politics, the EU, and business so this podcast will certainly get you thinking.

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