16:40 GMT24 January 2021
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    Boris Johnson’s Trip to Brussels is Nothing But Political Theatre

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Military historian and security expert Mike Yardley shoots right from the lip from the start of this podcast. He declares that Boris Johnson’s dinner in Brussels was, “all theatre! Of course, there will be a deal. I don’t want one I want us to trade on world trade terms but the globalists want it, so it will happen.”

    He is also dismissive of UK politics and the Westminster media stating that, “the whole of Westminster has been a television punch and Judy show for years”.

    Warming to his theme he states that, “the big decisions are being made by big corporations… we are given an illusion that there is a democratic process but there is not”.

    He believes in the concept of the ‘great reset’ and says that, “the ‘trillionaire class’ are wounded because they think capitalism is finished”.

    He says that the World Economic Forum have been “planning a reset for a while and Covid has given them the opportunity.”

    Mike believes that the Government has used the BBC to panic the population to go along with their methods saying that “the BBC are like the Church in the middle ages they seem to think they are an alternative power to the king and the state”.

    “The Priest and Priestesses of Political correctness are increasingly telling us what we must think and I despise that and I would include in that a lot of the BLM stuff”.

    Yardley states that, “We are in the midst of huge change at the moment, there is a possibility of bad stuff coming and I wouldn’t be surprised if there wasn’t another world war!”

    You will not agree with all of Mike Yardley’s views but he will certainly get you thinking and debating and that is what Shooting From the Lip is all about!

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