08:53 GMT30 November 2020
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    Biden Fits the Global Agenda

    Shooting from the Lip
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    The Director of the Bruges group, Robert Oulds, is Jon Gaunt’s guest this week and he shoots from the lip on Brexit, the EU, mask wearing and the Crown’s depiction of his organisation’s founding President, Margaret Thatcher.

    He states that at the moment “We are out of Europe but still governed by them.”  He believes that “Boris needs to deliver a proper Brexit to keep the red wall on side.”

    He thinks that “If he wants to end his premiership sooner rather than later he needs to just sell out to the European Union. He needs to stand up to them as they will fold.”

    On the TV show, The Crown on Netflix, Robert says that, “Gillian Anderson hams up the acting, it is almost a caricature of Margaret Thatcher.  We can’t rely on Netflix, they have an agenda and they are pushing a lefty agenda like much of the media.”

    He describes Meghan Markle as “a woke warrior” and that “Harry is a snowflake and he has fallen prey to Meghan but we know who is wearing the trousers in that relationship.  They have a political agenda at work, they want to show everyone how enlightened they are and that gives them access to money in America.”

    On the pandemic Robert believes that “Boris started well with herd immunity but then went down the lockdown stupidity route.” As a result, “We’ve seen the National Health Service turn into the National Covid service.”

    He doesn’t believe that vaccinations should be compulsory but says he would have it himself, but should people be forced then that is another matter.

    He says that “Big Pharma is big money” and that Trump wanted to reform the industry in the States and he suggests that this is why the vaccine announcement came after the election.  Robert said “They used it politically and it shows there is an agenda at play as evidenced by the way the stock market shot up on the announcement.” He states that “Biden fits with this global agenda.” 

    On easing the lockdown over the festive season, he is very cynical, “We are meant to be grateful for being allowed to have Christmas with our family?  People are thoroughly sick of lockdown.”

    He concludes by saying that, “Grown adults are being treated like children.”

    You may not agree with everything Robert says but he will certainly get you thinking, don’t miss this one.

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