14:07 GMT29 November 2020
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    US Media is a Disgrace

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Ex-Fleet Street editor, Neil Wallis is Jon Gaunt’s guest this week and they look at some of the biggest news stories including Extinction Rebellion, the Royal Family, and the US Election.

    Neil Wallis starts this week's show by declaring that, “Extinction Rebellion invaded the Cenotaph, invaded the remembrance ceremony and invaded a sacred moment by draping their banners on the monument and trampling over wreaths. In the process they insulted millions of people around the country, this was disgusting.” 

    On the Martin Bashir scandal over his interview with Diana, Neil really shoots from the lip saying that “if this had been a newspaper, the BBC would have been demanding that Scotland Yard was knocking down our doors and arresting us.” He is equally forthright about Harry and Meghan and the Palace’s refusal to let him have a wreath laid saying, “Harry has made his bed or rather Meghan has made his bed and he has to lie in it.”

    Neil states categorically that he would have a vaccination and on anti-vaxxers he states, “I think they’re idiots and at the very least they are irresponsible, I’m not in favour of compulsory vaccinations in principle but because it is so deadly I’m coming around to that idea. It’s becoming harder and harder to stick to my principles.”

    On Trump and the USA election Neil says, “There is a hell of lesson to be learned for the USA media, they have been an absolute disgrace and biased, they have been very anti-Trump.”

    He also states that, “The idea of cutting off the President is truly staggering, you are absolutely entitled to rip him to pieces after he has spoken but you must let him speak.” He concludes by stating that, “Trump’s influence in the Republican party will continue to be massive.”

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