14:48 GMT29 November 2020
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    Immigration Rules Are a Farce

    Shooting from the Lip
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    The Ex-MEP for the North West, Steven Woolfe, is the perfect guest for this week’s Shooting from the Lip with Jon Gaunt in a week which has been dominated by the Andy Burnham and Boris Johnson funding row.

    Steven wastes no time in attacking Andy Burnham describing him as, “a publicity seeking failure! I believe he should resign but he won’t.”

    However, Steven also believes that, “Boris has got to take responsibility for the way he ran the pandemic, certainly at the beginning, they dithered, they should have locked down much earlier and closed the borders and airports. Certainly, for the last three or four months they have lost the plot.”

    He states that, “Changing the PM and leader of the Conservative government just adds another layer to the mess we are in.”

    However, on Matt Hancock, Steven is vicious, “He has shown the ability to the world that if you are good at brown nosing you will get to the top of politics. He is inept and a medical buffoon so why he is still there? I would have fired him a long time ago.”

    Steven is not happy about Priti Patel’s’ handling of the crisis at Dover stating “Instead of having a camp at Calais we now have them in Wales and living in four star hotels. To allow thousands of illegal immigrants, carrying diseases, into the UK at a time when people are being made unemployed is a farce.”

    He believes that there is “now a role for a political party that can challenge the ground that has been lost on immigration, law and order and the economy.”

    Steven does not believe in ‘white privilege’ saying that “it is disgusting and disgraceful that there are politicians who try to drive this agenda in a country which is less and less racist. Kemi Badenoch is a star and future PM and she spoke for many mixed-race or BAME people like me who see the BLM movement as a clear attempt at dividing black and white and installing a nasty culture in this country.”

    Do not miss this one guys!

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