07:24 GMT22 October 2020
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    Migrants Come Ahead of Our Own People

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Former Scottish MEP, David Coburn joins Jon Gaunt this week and he gives his opinions on the migrant crisis, the pandemic, Nicola Sturgeon, Brexit, Donald Trump and much more in this episode.

    David starts shooting from the lip right from the off saying that Nicola Sturgeon is using the pandemic to her advantage, "She just wants independence and will do anything to get it. It would be terrible for Scottish business as nobody knows what the currency would be. She doesn't want real independence as she wants hand over power to Brussels."

    On the subject of the virus he ponders, “If we all keep six foot from each other and wear masks how can we pass it to each other? Surely, we can carry on in a normal way and shelter the frail, the elderly and those with serious circumstances."

    David has real fears over the economy, "In the UK, Boris Johnson has to get the economy moving as closing the universe down isn't an option." He goes on to look at the Eurozone which is in deep trouble saying "France is broke and most of Southern Europe is."

    He explains why the UK is so attractive to migrants, "Those arriving in this country shouldn't get housing, social security and should only get the basics. Of course, they want to come here is because we give them everything ahead of our own people. This doesn't happen in France or Spain."

    He finishes with a prediction that "I think Donald Trump will win the US Election."

    This is a cracking episode full of non-PC straight talking.

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