03:36 GMT30 October 2020
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    This Won’t be Just Six Months

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt takes aims at some of the biggest news stories including the Prime Minister’s address to the UK, Rishi Sunak’s economic plans, the track and trace fiasco and Meghan Markle’s dig at Donald Trump.

    Mr Gaunt starts off the show by reflecting on Boris Jonson’s TV Speech, “We didn't get optimism, which of course, is what Boris got elected on. We just got more doom and gloom and nobody believes it's only going to be six months. Whoever was in power would have a problem with it. But I just think now we do need some clarity and Boris, stop playing to the gallery and stop playing to the Westminster bubble.”

    Jon feels for Rishi Sunak, “I've got sympathy for him. Because in a sense, he has to do something. But, there’s trillions of debt that we're all going to be burdened with and obviously there will have to be tax rises at some point. Although, I take a small bit of comfort knowing it's not just the United Kingdom in this position.”

    On the other hand, Matt Hancock receives no sympathy from Jon when he talks about England’s Track and Trace app, “It was so world beating that he postponed it and when  it was launched it doesn't work on lots of phones. They knew this when they did the experiment in the Isle of Wight, you'd have thought that would have sorted it out.  It's just a nonsense.”

    The future does look bleak for the UK and he says “I think saying Christmas is cancelled is slightly too simplistic because I think it's worse than that. I think Christmas is going to be an absolute disaster area. I worry that this is going to end up in social unrest. Is it going to end up in riots?”

    Jon turned his fire to Meghan Markle’s comments on the US Election. He loved Donald Trump’s retort when he basically said “I feel for Harry with that woman.  It's verging on the sexist, but who cares? I think Trump is in a good position and he's going to win the election anyway. I don't know why the woke brigade can't understand this.”

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