10:23 GMT27 September 2020
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    Trump Has Done More for Peace Than Obama Ever Did!

    Shooting from the Lip
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    The London Assembly member and London Mayoral candidate, David Kurten isn’t shy at coming forward with his opinions on this week’s Shooting from the Lip. David believes that “lockdown 2” is on the cards but he also believes that “it’s tyrannical and absolutely unnecessary”

    “We should be opening up now, not locking down as the economy is trashed and our civil liberties are trashed. We should be more like Sweden!”

    He also controversially states that “the term conspiracy is laid at the door of anyone who challenges the establishment narrative; they label you as a tin foil hat merchant.”

    He continues saying that “the government is abusing the population - they are against us, they have ramped up the fear and wrecked loads of small companies”

    He is also very critical of UK Prime Minister Boris Johnson saying: “What on earth has happened to Boris? I don’t think he will be around after Christmas, he has got one thing to do, which is Brexit.”

    He believes that “David Frost is a great appointment and we will get a No Deal Brexit.” However, he states that, “everything else is wrong. Boris is supposed to be a conservative but everything he’s done is not conservative, he’s not a libertarian as he is taking away our liberty. So just what is the point of Boris?”

    David also believes that newly appointed UK trade advisor Tony Abbot "is a great man."

    He dismisses the present Mayor of London Sadiq Khan by saying: “Kahn talks about London dying but he doesn’t say he is the main culprit in its death, it appears he is working with Boris and (UK transport minister) Grant Shapps to kill London.”

    On social distancing, masks and protests David states that "there is no consistency if you’re in one of the beloved groups of the liberal elite you can do whatever you like if you’re protesting for your civil liberties but if you’re (brother of the former Labour Party leader Jeremy Corbyn and conspiracy theorist) Piers Corbyn you get a £10,000 fine. This is not equality before the law.”

    David welcomes US President Donald Trump being nominated for the Nobel Peace prize saying, “He is a peacemaker and Trump has done much more for peace than Obama ever did.”

    Finally, he concludes by bashing the BBC and their new Director General stating that any reform is “too little too late! They are British Bashing Commies who hate the country and are blatantly biased against Brexit, Trump and people who don’t want to wear masks and lose their liberty.”

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