16:25 GMT30 September 2020
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    Farage Should be Knighted

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Former MEP Mike Hookem is Jon Gaunt's guest and is fuming that “four years after voting to leave the EU that we still have not got our waters back, we need to stop the EU plundering our waters.”

    Mike says, “I don’t trust the Tories or any politicians and I believe that Boris is going to sell us down the river on fishing.” He also thinks, “I think we are going to get shafted on the whole trade deal, it’s a complete mess, I don’t trust the Conservatives, they took us into the EU and they will sell us out again.”

    On the migrant crisis at Dover, Mike who has visited the the camps at Calais, says that the French attitude stinks and they think, “the fish are theirs but the migrants are ours.” He also accuses the NGO’s and charities of aiding and abetting the migrants, saying, “they are telling them to destroy all their paperwork.”

    He accepts that the UK has a moral and ethical responsibility to the countries that some of the migrants come from and that “we got into illegal wars and destroying these countries, we should be putting our money and efforts into rebuilding their countries, that is how we help them. But we should be turning these people back.”

    He denies that he and Nigel Farage are racist saying, “no country can exist or operate without immigration, we need to bring people in with the skills we need.”

    He says that “I will never diss UKIP, it was a fantastic party” but he does criticise the Brexit party saying “it was Tory led and financed and was never a party, it never had members. They betrayed the thousands and thousands of people who campaigned for the referendum, Nigel betrayed all of those people.”

    However, he believes that Farage should be knighted, “they are knighting Clare Fox who supported the IRA, what did she do for Brexit? Nigel worked and took a lot of stick and threats, if anybody should have got a knighthood then Nigel should have.”

    On the BBC Proms row, he is clear, “these are our songs this is what makes Britain great, they make you feel proud to be British.” He supports defunding the BBC saying, “I want the facts not the presenters views.”

    He finishes by talking about the killing of PC Andrew Harper and says that “I fully support Andrew’s law and it should be a mandatory life sentence and it should be a life sentence, not ten or 15 years as it is now.”

    Now this really is shooting from the lip! Don’t miss it.

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