15:06 GMT30 September 2020
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    Obama Should Keep Out

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt is Shooting From the Lip this week on the exams fiasco, Boris Johnson's handling of the pandemic, the migrant crisis, Scottish independence and Obama's attack on Trump.

    Jon starts off by slating Gavin Williamson, saying "he is a dunce and he must be sacked. These poor kids will forever be tainted by this fiasco. They knew the exams results were coming in August. It's an absolute failure of this inept Government. The buck has to stop firstly with Gavin Williamson and Boris has to start getting a grip. The Prime Minister should be back in Westminster cracking the whip and moving forward. At the moment, this country is heading to the rocks."

    Moving to the Health Minister, Jon states "Matt Hancock proclaims it's safe to go to work. There's no clarity and that's the bottom line, he should admit the science he was following was probably wrong. They are passing the buck with the scrapping of Public Health England. They have a Tory peer in charge, the same woman who was in charge of a company that had a massive data breach. She also spent millions of pounds on track and trace and an app that doesn't work. It's jobs for the boys or in this case, the girls!"

    Jon believes Nicola Sturgeon is using the pandemic for political gain. He thinks "if you are going to have a referendum for Scottish independence then everybody born in Scotland should have a vote. That includes people like Sean Connery who have lived abroad for decades. Why can't the whole of the United Kingdom get a vote on it and Nicola Sturgeon would get her wish as many English people are sick of subsidising Scotland."

    On the subject of migrants, he highlights the criminality often missed by the mainstream media and states "we cannot support the people traffickers, these are gangs both French and British often associated with the drug trade and sex slavery. Immigration has to be managed, the liberals who are allowing this people trade to continue are the real villains. Britain and France should have been working together and this highlights why the EU doesn't work. Any illegal migrant who gets to our shores should be given a hot meal, dry clothes and be sent back. We have to get tough."

    Looking at the United States, he thinks "Joe Biden can barely string a sentence together. Trump has fought the Democrats, the mainstream media and he also had to fight his own party. He was doing a good job, America was becoming great again and he's also got more young Black people into education and work than Barack Obama did. I found Obama's attack on him distasteful and he should keep his mouth shut. Trump has got it wrong on the pandemic but I think Americans will still vote for him."

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