16:44 GMT30 September 2020
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    The MSM Don’t Want to Talk About Migrants

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Former Scottish MEP, David Coburn joins Jon Gaunt this week and he gives his no holds barred opinions on the migrant crisis, the BBC, the SNP, the pandemic and much more in this episode.

    David starts shooting from the lip right from the off saying that the Dover migrant situation is all down to our soft benefits system, “they want to come to the UK because they immediately go to the top of the queue for benefits and most of them are economic migrants.” He believes that, “Nigel Farage has done a good job highlighting this problem as the MSM did not want to talk about it, but now they have to.”

    However, he thinks that, “the BBC is too left wing and is very keen to let them in as there is a whole industry built around the refuges/migrants.”

    On the exam results debacle he is savage saying “I feel very sorry for the kids and what has gone is a scandal and it is typical of what the SNP is doing Scotland. It was famous for its education and it has been allowed to go to the dogs and the Education Minister should be ashamed and should resign.”

    Warming to his theme he continues, “the SNP’s PR is always better than what they actually do and Nicola Sturgeon only cares about independence, they are obsessed with getting at the English, it makes me ashamed to be Scottish. She’s used this Covid catastrophe for her own political ends she is never off the TV.”

    On the suggestion by Michael Gove that Nicola Sturgeon should have been given a cabinet seat he snorts derisively and says “Certainly not in the cabinet as her whole objective is to destroy the UK and keep us in the EU.”

    On Boris’ handling of the pandemic he laughs saying, “Thank god it’s not Corbyn or Theresa May!”

    On masks his view is, “I use my common sense I was using masks before we were told to because I am not stupid, its common sense, it’s not something we want, but we should do it.”

    He is clear where the blame lies for the Covid pandemic declaring that, “We should close China down in the future if these things happen again. China must be held responsible, it has come from China.”

    This is a cracking episode full of non-PC straight talking.


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