08:32 GMT09 August 2020
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    They Have Tried to Slander Brexit

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt’s guest this week is the former Welsh MEP, Nathan Gill.

    Nathan owned and ran care homes and has plenty to say about the Covid-19 care homes scandal, saying “care homes are the poor relation. It is absolutely scandalous that elderly people with Covid were sent back to care homes infecting staff and other residents, they didn’t even provide PPE for the workers.”

    He believes that some of the confusion and lack of clarity over Covid-19 “has been down to devolution as there have been mixed messages across the UK. There should have been a united government talking from day one.”

    On the possible spread of Covid-19 from the Black Lives Matter protests a few weeks ago he states that “I am wary about banning protests but if you are going to have a law it has to be for everyone with no exceptions. If I can’t go and see my mum why should 10,000 people be allowed to shout at statues?"

    He also says that major organisations like the BBC and the football authorities were wrong to back the BLM organisation and that “no due diligence was done and, as Nigel Farage highlighted, the sentiment is correct but the organisation is horrible. They shouldn’t be given any oxygen at all." 

    On the Russia report and the allegation that the Russians were involved in the Brexit result he says, “I was horrified, I had never contemplated such a stupid thing. I was one of the key Brexiteers in Wales and I don’t know any Russians! It was just another way of slandering the result, of putting doubt in people’s minds.”

    On the BBC he is very harsh saying that, “I object to the fact that my hard-earned money is spent on such drivel and anti-British bias, they are the anti-British Broadcasting Corporation.”

    He states that people must be able to take responsibility for themselves and he remarks that “life is not about fear, we have to start living.”

    On the widow of PC Andrew Harper calling for a retrial he supports her and says that “absolutely she should get a retrial, we gave up the death penalty but in return we were told people would get life but it doesn’t mean that, does it? It means 10 years or five.”

    This is a great episode, full of opinion and attitude. Don’t miss it.

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