23:31 GMT14 August 2020
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    What Does BLM Really Stand For?

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jonny Gould, the host of Jonny Gould’s Jewish State podcast is Jon Gaunt’s special guest this week on Shooting from the Lip.

    Jonny wastes no time on commentating on Kier Starmer’s decision to apologise to the whistle-blowers who told the truth about the “vile anti-Semitism” in Jeremy Corbyn’s Labour party saying, “more fool Labour trying to cover this up.”

    Jonny believes that Jeremy Corbyn will now have the Labour whip removed in the next few weeks and says that, “he will bow out of politics in disgrace.”

    He worries that Covid-19 will lower social mobility even more and that “if the government are really serious about social mobility than the state needs to get out of our lives and allow us to make our own decisions. If you give out too many grants it’s a great disincentive to get off your bum isn’t it?”

    He believes that “Piers Morgan and that awful doctor have stirred up more fear than the government. It’s his job to be a pain in the rump but you can scrutinise Ministers without calling them out.”

    That said, Jonny does believe that the daily news conferences did descend into a “free party-political broadcast on behalf of the Conservative party each day.” The lockdown “was the right thing to do but it has gone on too long and like a war - and this is a war - it is easy to start but very difficult to end.”

    As a sports broadcaster and football fan he lays in to the football authorities and slates them for doing “no due diligence on what Black Lives Matter really stood for.” He says that they want to "defund capitalism, the police and legalise drugs and create a free Palestine which would facilitate a holocaust in the region. They have no idea or concept of what anti-Zionism stands for.”

    He concludes that just as with Nazism, “you can’t just pick and choose what BLM stands for.”

    He is equally scathing about Lewis Hamilton stating that “if there is anyone who represents the elite more than Lewis I can’t think of it, he is a tax exile, he lives in Monaco and drives for Mercedes, lets look back 75 years to see what their track record on slavery is! Change can never come when corporate establishments get on board and unfortunately Hamilton is one of them.”

    This is a wide-ranging discussion and will surely engage and enrage you as Jonny Gould really shoots from the lip.

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