18:23 GMT04 August 2020
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    The MSM are Atrocious

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt’s guest on Shooting from the Lip is the social commentator and ex-Deputy Chair of UKIP, Suzanne Evans.

    Suzanne supported the lockdown but now wants the lockdown lifted saying, “life is a risk, everything we do is a risk.”

    She also believes that, “lockdown went on far too long and the fear factor has meant that people have no confidence to start up new businesses or even to get out there and shop. I’m a great fan of Boris but there are aspects of this pandemic that have been handled extremely badly and there are so many daft inconsistencies in the social distancing and lockdown rules.”

    So, Suzanne says that, “She can understand why people are angry about the lockdown.” And that there is “a distinction between keeping us safe and taking away our civil liberties.”

    On Rishi Sunak’s cut in stamp duty, she is not satisfied and believes it should be scrapped completely as “it’s a tax on aspiration, I think it’s wrong.”

    On the ‘woke’ and ‘cancel’ culture she says, “I say a big thank you for the letter from people like JK Rowling” and “that there needs to be a little bit more compassion and understanding in society.”

    She believes that the Black Lives Matter “have made the racial divide greater and it has made any potential racism worse.”

    On the BBC and the MSM coverage of the protest she states that, “the MSM have been atrocious and I have cancelled my TV licence over the coverage of the Black Lives Matter protest issue. When I saw them throwing bricks at the police and Downing street I was horrified and when the BBC headline under it said that it was a largely peaceful protest! I went ballistic!”

    She states unequivocally that, “the BBC is not the organisation I worked for in the eighties.”

    On the policing of the recent protests and riots she says that it was “absolutely terrible and taking the knee by the police was shocking. The Police should stay out of politics.”

    She states that, “every single Met officer knows that the biggest threat to black lives in London is the death of young black men by knife and gun crime, which let’s face it, is almost all done by black people to other black people, but it seems as if only some black lives matter!”

    This is a podcast with a woman who clearly knows her own mind and is not afraid to speak out. Don’t miss it!

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