00:43 GMT06 July 2020
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    The Protests Were Hijacked

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Former Brexit Party MEP Lance Forman wants the lockdown lifted now, saying, “We all know the risks, it’s like smoking, so shouldn’t we be able to decide what risk we want to take? If you destroy the economy how are you going to fund the NHS?”

    Jon's guest believes that, instead of “temporarily reducing taxes, Rishi Sunak should make it permanent.” Forman believes that low taxes actually stimulate the economy and so he doesn’t want to cut Corporation Tax - he wants to scrap it completely.

    He wants to make the UK a low tax haven for business.

    Forman describes Sadiq Khan as “completely barmy” for putting up the congestion charge, just at this moment.

    “He should be scrapping the congestion charge at the moment, not putting it up. It sends completely the wrong signal, as we need to encourage people into London.”

    He is also critical of the Furlough scheme, saying, “the problem with the furlough scheme is it’s like a drug and people are addicted to it. It hasn’t helped the businesses it has only helped the employees, it will do nothing to get the businesses up and running again.”

    On Free school dinners, “he accepts that Marcus Rashford has forced Boris to U-turn, but he could he have done it a different way. The government cannot do everything. Compare what Rashford has done with Colonel Tom. That one man has raised 30 million pounds, footballers are earning 250 grand a month, so Marcus could have gone to all his footballing friends and got them to fund it.“

    Jon asks if PM Johnson in control?

    Lance replies by saying that he, “feels that Boris is still ill, we expect so much, he was at deaths door and I do wonder if he is well as he is not the old Boris. He isn’t displaying his Bojo Mojo and his sense of humour.”

    On the recent riots Forman says “at the heart of it most people are united” and that “Black lives clearly do matter but the protest was hijacked by Far left but if you are managing the protest it is incumbent on you to make sure your protest is not hijacked.”

    Forman also criticizes Johnson, saying that it “sent all the wrong signals to allow the protest and when you are coming down so hard on social distancing, to throw the whole thing in the air and let these protests happen is mad.” Forman believes that “we need the old optimistic Boris back, that is what the country needs now.”

    This episode of Shooting from the Lip will definitely get you talking!

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