00:17 GMT06 July 2020
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    The MSM are Inflaming Racial Division

    Shooting from the Lip
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    London Assembly member and Mayoral candidate David Kurten is Jon Gaunt’s guest this week on Shooting from the Lip.

    David Kurten, who is mixed race, starts by claiming that, “the death of George Floyd is being used to support a false narrative of systemic racism in the UK which is simply not true”. He adds that “the MSM are whipping up this story to inflame racial division”.

    He wants, what he describes as the Far Left to “stop stoking up this narrative of racial conflict.”

     “Where’s Boris? He seems to have been largely silent on the protests, waiting four days to make a statement.” He asks Boris, “why aren’t you as the PM saying to police officers don’t go on your knees, it is a symbol of subservience to this left-wing agenda," adds Kurten.

    He categorically states that, “I would not take the knee as I do not support the agenda of Antifa or Black Lives Matter. It would be a symbol of subservience to this agenda.”

    Kurten adds: “Martin Luther King said we should be valuing people for the content of their character not the colour of their skin.”

    He attacks our current political and police leaders: “We are in a very dangerous situation and we need leaders who say we honour our country’s history we honour our country’s culture and heritage. I’m proud of my country, I’m proud of Winston Churchill but we are not seeing that from anyone at the moment.”

    He also attacks the BBC. “Most people think the BBC has been biased and the BBC needs to be split up and sold and end the TV license so that we stop having to pay for our own propaganda," says Kurten.

    He finishes this explosive show by stating that, “a silent majority are appalled at what is going on, the rule of the mob, the violence and vandalism on the street and the silence of the Prime Minister.”

    “Maybe there’s a need for a new political party that really is conservative rather than this fake one which will stand up for the rule of law and protecting our monuments and preserving our culture and heritage,” concludes Kurten.

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