23:50 GMT05 July 2020
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    The Agenda is to Bring Down Trump

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “I believe that Black Lives Matter and Antifa are the modern-day KU Klux Klan.” So says ex-MEP, Steven Woolfe at the opening of this explosive interview with Jon Gaunt.

    On the murder of George Floyd, Steven declares, “no doubt it was an illegal action and it needs a firm and strict response from the Police and the courts, but the reaction from those who want to stoke the race card in States and abroad is absolutely abominable. The rioting and looting won’t result in equality in the USA and I agree with Obama if you want political change you have to get involved in the political debate, not by put a brick through a window or someone’s head.”

    He goes on to say, “if the organizers don’t stand up and condemn the looting then they are actually supporting anarchy. There is a big difference between protesting and looting.”

    Steven believes that, “It’s all aimed at the election in November. He believes the death of George Floyd has wounded Trump along with the pandemic, and says, “I cannot see how he can pull it back, I think it will be a win to Joe Biden but by a narrow margin.”

    On the women who organized the London BLM protests and declared that they had more chance of being killed by a British Policeman than dying of Covid-19 Steven says, “I’m disgusted by her comments, she is blind and myopic not to see the differences between the States and the UK.”

    He adds, “it is quite clear from the numbers you are more likely to be shot by the Police if you’re white and that is in absolute and percentage terms. Her comments should be challenged by the MSM and if they don’t it means they are supporting Black Lives Matter and their policy of division.”

    Moving on to the Pandemic he states that Boris, “let 18 million people enter the country whilst the whole of UK population was forced into Lockdown.” So, he concludes Priti Patel’s quarantine announcement this week was “too little too late.”

    Returning to the protests Steven concludes that “he is worried that if Antifa and BLM succeed in bringing down Trump then they might try and do the same with Boris and the Conservatives and if that happens there is a chance that Labour would never let us leave the EU.”

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