18:38 GMT08 April 2020
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    Dominic Cummings is a Genius

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “Priti Patel must stick to her guns, the civil service is overwhelmingly left-wing, anti-Brexit and infested with political correctness. It is not for Whitehall to decide who should be a Minister of state or not.” So, says political commentator Suzanne Evans on this week’s Shooting from the Lip.

    Evans also does not hold back on voicing her opinions on all the hot political stories of the week.

    Suzanne is convinced that there is a battle royal going on between elected government and the civil service. However, she describes Dominic Cummings “as a genius… a man who knows his own mind and if that means having a row with Whitehall then he will and he will win.”

    On the Coronavirus epidemic she says we have been slow off the mark but she also lays the blame at WHO and states that the United Nations “has lost its way and have been overtaken by political correctness.”

    She also has a pop at the EU saying “To deal with an epidemic like this you need strong borders …open borders make dealing with issues like this much more difficult.”

    She is critical of the way that Boris has engaged in the green debate especially the banning of petrol cars by 2035, “we are not going to achieve that.” She is also critical of the latest ban on using logs for fuel saying that, “There are a few more important things we need to do first.”

    The discussion then moves on to Greta Thunberg who is in the country to take part in a school strike in Bristol. Suzanne says, “I am absolutely appalled by the way she is being manipulated by her parents and the media. I have a horrible feeling the Greta story is not going to end well.”

    She is also highly critical of teachers saying, “I’m absolutely appalled by the way the education system thinks it is okay to facilitate a strike, you mention those two words, climate and change and everything is okay, it drives me mad.”

    She also believes that, “Harry and Meghan have behaved appallingly,” and have been, “underhand deceitful, manipulative, they basically want to stay royal and have all the trinkets and income of royalty but don’t want to do the job, well sorry that is just not on.”

    Jon describes Harry and Meghan as the King and Queen of Woke culture and the discussion moves on to trolling on Twitter and the hypocrisy of the left and a discussion about the reasons for the suicide of Caroline Flack.

    Her conclusion is that, “Woke culture is not just left wing it is hard line socialist.”

    This is a great episode full of really strong opinions do not miss it.


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