18:55 GMT13 June 2021
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    Priti Patel is the Conservative Conscience of Boris Johnson's Government

    Shooting from the Lip
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    James Delingpole opens up this week’s programme by fully supporting Pritti Patel’s new immigration policies and says that her idea of making immigrants speak English will result in “Lefties will call it racist and xenophobic!”

    James believes that, “Priti Patel is the Conservative conscience of this Government and my goodness we need some rock-solid Conservatives and she will deliver on immigration, we need to get a handle on it and control it and it is one of the things we voted for with Brexit, so I say crack the whip Priti.”

    James was at University with the PM and knows him well, so has a unique insight in to the man and states that, “Boris is a conservative in name only” and “shouldn’t have given the go ahead to Hs2, should not have got into bed with Chinese over phones and his green policies are disappointing.”

    Stating that, “I am basically a Dom Cummings fan, he is a brilliant operator and his ambition to reform the deep state in the UK is correct, the civil service is a left-wing institution that has got completely out of control.”

    On green issues James is clear that, “We are definitely living in climate change emergency although it is not the emergency that the Greenies are sending, the emergency is public policy and taxpayers’ money which is being directed on an epic scale on a non-existent problem, Man-made climate change there is simply no evidence.”

    “It’s an illusory problem and is an emergency which most ordinary people do not identify with and I think they’re right.”

    He states that, “Greta Thunberg is the Joan of Arc of Climate change” and that “International crony capitalism has got massively on board because they think they can make fortunes out of this green nonsense”

    He believes that the MSM are in collusion with the wind and green industry to promote this agenda saying “they are whoring themselves and their independence to the green lobby and it disgusts him.”

    In full flow he states that “newspapers are now written by children with their worthless degrees from Uni and they’ve been indoctrinated by their teachers. They have been brainwashed into believing that climate change is real and the world is doomed.”

    Warming up, he states that, “the BBC is the death star, the mother of all evil and it was captured by the environmental left long ago.”

    His solution is “I say destroy, burn it down, burn it with fire, salt the earth, poison the wells, sell all the employees into slavery, it is well past its sell by date I think it is an absolutely disgraceful institution. It has an extreme left-wing bias. I want the BBC to die.”

    He says that, “The green lobby is the new religion and lots of the people who follow it are thick. Recycling is a form of daily penance! The idea that you should renounce things like flights is like buying indulgences I found it less credible than Christianity!”

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