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    Corbyn Believes That Jamaicans Get a Free Pass to Murder and Rape in the UK

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon is joined today by a man who is overjoyed that he has been made redundant. That guest is Martin Daubney the former Brexit MEP.

    Martin Daubney says that the seven months he was in Brussels, “was worth it because we shone a light on the pantomime parliament, this fig leaf democracy, it is an absolute clown shop.”

    He then describes what he witnessed in the EU parliament comparing it to North Korea and describes how it works saying, ‘it is a tin-pot dictatorship and we are doing the right thing to get out.”

    “It is an echo chamber” and he describes the financial rewards to MEP’s that do not require any receipts saying being elected is “the absolute Golden Ticket” to make thousands.”

    He accuses the BBC of complete bias over Brexit and says on Brexit night “they were sniffing around for people weeping into their blue berets as the presenters were almost wearing black armbands…. They tried to report the massive Brexit party as a damp squib.”

    Martin thinks that Pritti Patel was correct to deport the Jamaican criminals and that “David Lammy drew a ludicrous parallel between Windrush these convicted criminals being deported.”

    He continues, “I would like to see more people deported I think everyone who is a foreign national who commits a crime like these should be deported.”
    He also states that, “Corbyn believes that you get a free pass to murder and rape in the UK if you were born in Jamaica!”

    Jon and Martin have a great discussion about identity politics and the way that Labour have lost their Labour heartlands and don’t seem to have learned the lessons from the latest election.

    They cover the Philip Schofield story and Martin says that “Hs2 is a huge white elephant and that Boris is wrong to back it. I think we can spend it better elsewhere.”

    Martin also thinks that politicians all around the globe are paying too much attention to Greta Thunberg and using the green and carbon agenda to collect more tax describing her as, “the Mother Theresa of climate Change. to disagree with her is tantamount to setting fire to tyres in the street.”

    Martin ridicules the idea that scrapping the BBC licence fee would weaken the Nation. He wants the tax axed now. “They could make a start by slashing the salaries of old big ears, Gary Lineker.” “They can cry into their Lattes.”

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