22:36 GMT27 May 2020
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    Meghan and Harry are the Royal Posh and Becks

    Shooting from the Lip
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    Jon Gaunt’s guest this week is the Security and Terrorism expert and military historian Mike Yardley. Mike describes Meghan and Harry as “the Posh and Becks of the Royal family and says it is a very weird deal and I hope the UK taxpayer is not got to pay for their security detail.”

    He also states that, “Harry is more of a Spencer than a Windsor.”

    Mike thinks, “It is complete crap, total rubbish to accuse the media of racism or put forward the idea that Brits have been racist towards Meghan.”

    Jon asks whether Harry has jumped before he was pushed because we all know Charles wants a slimmed down Monarchy.

    Mike states that, “The Royal family is at a watershed but they will reshape themselves.”

    The conversation moves on to the ‘woke’ environment and Ricky Gervais’ attack on the Hollywood elite, and Mike makes a point about an “enormous divide that is growing between the lunatic PC of Hollywood and the #metoo movement all going too far and then on the other hand the populism of Trump.”

    Jon and Mike also discuss the Ukrainian plane crash, the taking out of Soleimani by Trump's drone, with Mike condemning Trump for bragging about it. They also discuss Brexit, Boris, the Labour leadership contest and freedom of speech.

    This is a fascinating and compelling listen which will at turns, infuriate and inform you.

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