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    Nobody Cares About Boris Johnson's Private Life!

    Shooting from the Lip
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    On this week’s edition of Shooting From The Lip, Jon Gaunt is joined by MEP Lance Forman to discuss the Queen’s speech and Boris Johnsons stunning election victory. Plus, Lance gives us the lowdown on why he deserted Nigel Farage and the Brexit party.

    Lance Forman says he was not surprised by the scale of the Boris victory because he had been predicting a majority of at least 50 for months. “Boris is a vote winner and was Mayor twice and London is a Labour city”

    Lance believes that Labour overplayed Boris’ private life saying, “People don’t care what he gets up to in his private life.”
    “He has a lot of empathy and people actually like him and warm to him which is why he was a great Mayor.”
    Lance dismisses the Labour scare stories about the NHS and states that, “The NHS is extremely safe in Boris’s hand he is absolutely passionate that we have a first-class health service.”

    Lance also believes that it will take at least 10 years for Labour to re-group. He states that, “People realised that Corbyn was not a patriot and every enemy of Britain is someone who he finds favour with.”

    Jon challenges Lance that many of the policies in the Queen’s speech were like a Nigel Farage fantasy list but Lance responds by saying that Boris has had these policies for ages and he agrees with controlling immigration.

    Jon and Lance also discuss the Business tax proposal and the terrorist attack on London Bridge, Lance thinks Boris “is absolutely right and the public are with him on longer sentences for terrorists.”

    Describing why he left the Brexit Party Lance says, “We were supporting Brexit and that is why we resigned. The Brexit party had done its job and got rid of a Remainer PM and got a Leaver PM in Boris.”

    Lance then reveals the rows he had with Nigel Farage over Boris’ deal which led to him leaving the Brexit party.

    In conclusion he says that the Brexit Party, “was a catalyst for change and it did a spectacular job and if it wasn’t for the Brexit party it would not have happened but now it is over.”

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