01:33 GMT01 November 2020
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    Kay Burley Needs to be Sacked

    Shooting from the Lip
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    “Kay Burley is positively ghastly she is a political activist and she needs to be sacked, she is useless and she is a token, they wanted a woman in that role and she got it.”

    So, says leading Brexiteer and economist, Godfrey Bloom, on Shooting from the Lip this week with Jon Gaunt.

    And it’s not Just Kay Burley that is in his sights as he proceeds to attack most of the political journalists in the mainstream media saying, “The whole of TV is steeped with Remainers. They are Political activists who have made no pretense at hiding their prejudice.”

    As well as attacking the bias of the broadcast media Godfrey also attacks his old flat mate, Nigel Farage saying “that there is a huge part for the Brexit party to play in this election” but he fears that Farage is making the same mistake he made with UKIP in 2012 by contesting too many seats.

    “We will never get Brexit until we clean out the Establishment of remainers” so Godfey suggests a pragmatic approach, “we all know Boris’ deal is rancid, it is a rotten deal but what we don’t want is another hung parliament. That would be a disaster.” He believes that if the Brexit Party put up 600 candidates that is where we could end up.

    He also believes that Farage and Cummings have the “ego of Jupiter” and if it wasn’t for this there would be an electoral pact already.

    He believes the the Brexit Party should only contest 100 seats. “I think they would get half a dozen seats and that could be extremely fruitful.”

    On Boris Johnson, Bloom says, “He is not a conviction politician he has an eye for the main chance but he doesn’t stand for anything, he will blow with the wind.”

    He believes that if Brexit is finally betrayed than Nigel’s time will come, maybe in a year or so when and if Boris does not have a workable majority.

    “Nigel should keep his powder dry but Patience and strategy is not something that Nigel Farage does.”

    This is an episode that will engage, enrage and entertain you! Don’t miss it!

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