12:21 GMT24 January 2020
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    It is Absolutely Terrifying that Corbyn Could Get Into Power

    Shooting from the Lip
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    On this week’s episode of Shooting from the Lip: Suzanne Evans, who previously wrote the election manifesto for UKIP, gives Jon Gaunt her insight into what is happening in the UK.

    Suzanne Evans starts out by calling the UK a banana republic and believes the UK's only hope is that the general election will drain the swamp.

    The journalist states that she “does not blame Boris but that we have a feral anti-democratic parliament which has caused this problem.”

    She is concerned that Nigel Farage will split the Brexit vote and while she does not want to see an electoral pact, she does want the fixed term parliament act to be ripped up.

    On Jeremy Corbyn she says: “It is absolutely terrifying that he might get into power, I think the man is absolutely dreadful, he is a terrorist sympathiser and a communist. He will do much more damage than a no deal Brexit.”

    She condemns the idea of lowering the age of voting to 16 and also the concept of people who are not British being able to vote. Evans also wants to see reform of the postal voting system.

    She thinks the power of recall needs to be made much easier so that politicians stick to the manifestos they get elected on. She says that “we need to massively increase the power of the electorate to recall their MPs.”

    Evans has little time for politicians who have been caught up in sex scandals, such as former parliamentarian Keith Vaz. “Keith Vaz’ behaviour has been pretty shabby and at times utterly shameful: the man is a complete hypocrite,” says Evans.

    She finishes by predicting that Boris Johnson will be going back in Number 10 with a bigger majority.

    You don’t want to miss this explosive episode.

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